The Cyprus Dendrochronology Lab was established in 2019 as a part of the Andreas Pittas Art Characterization Labs (APAC) of the Cyprus Institute. The Lab is an entirely new scientific and cultural resource and center of expertise and capacity on Cyprus by leveraging the collaborations between the Cornell Tree Ring Laboratory (and its expertise and existing data collections), the Cyprus Institute, the Department of Antiquities of Cyprus and the Cyprus Department of Forestry.It is mainly devoted to pursuing and promoting the analytical and digital exploration of works of art, monuments and archaeological objects. Dendrochronology will further enhance the range of scientific methods employed in the study of monuments, sites and artifacts.The Lab is equipped with a wide array of state‐of‐the‐art field and lab-work instrumentation for advanced diagnostics, study and analysis of wood samples.The established multidisciplinary approach, which features expertise from different background, help to address the major questions raised by the materiality of Cultural Heritage artefacts in terms of their genesis, manufacturing processes, alterations, conservation and preservation.

The research focuses on three thematic areas: Art History, Archaeology, Climatology (in collaboration with the Cyprus Department of Forestry).