Dante Abate | Interview

Dr. Dante Abate

Associate Research Scientist

Can you tell us few words about your academic background?

I hold a BA/MA in History of Art by the University of Studies of Chieti and a diploma of specialization in protection and valorization of historical and artistic heritage issued by the University of Studies of Viterbo. Later I received my Ph.D. in E-learning Development and Delivery by the University of Studies of Chieti. In 2014 I obtained a BA in Cultural Heritage by the University of Studies of Bologna.

What about your research at the Cyprus Institute and STARC?

From September 2015 until February 2017 I have been a Research Assistant at the STARC of the Cyprus Institute, with a major on the application of image-based and range-based techniques for archaeological and heritage documentation. From March 2017, I have been appointed as Marie Curie Fellow within the Digital Forensic Archaeology project at Staffordshire University. Now I serve as an Associate Research Scientist at the Cyprus Institute working on joint projects regarding 3D heritage documentation and scientific analysis.

Do you think the advanced technological and scientific framework of CyI and STARC has enriched your research?

During my employment at the Cyprus Institute as Research Assistant (2015-2017), I contributed to the improvement of the scientific and methodological approaches related to 2D and 3D digital documentation for Archaeology and Cultural Heritage. Working in the context of CyI’s cross disciplinary research environment, I participated in projects and acti vities that engaged all Institute research centers. In my STARC related duties, I participated in numerous projects related to the archaeology, art and architecture of Cyprus and the region (STARC). Among these I’m particularly proud of my contribution in the development of digital imaging technologies for Art Characterization which led to the successful establishment of APAC Labs. Indicatively, I led the digital documentation and visualization and conservation of repatriated fresco fragments from the church of Antiphonites, located in the north part of the island. The results of my work, which are a part of a collaborative project led by the Department of Antiquities and the Archbishop Makarios III Foundation, will be integrated in a new permanent exhibition at the Byzantine Museum of Nicosia. In addition, I led the preliminary and very promising digital documentation of the medieval graffiti in the church of San Marco; more recently, I participated in the digital analysis of the small painting of “St. Francis receiving the Stigmata” attributed to El Greco.

My research activities in Cyprus and the Eastern Mediterranean Area are now mainly, but not only, focused on preservation and safeguarding of heritage at risk. In light of the latter, I have contributed in the development of the EpHEMERA database (http://ephemera.cyi.ac.cy).

Digital documentation of Agios Spyridon, one of the last traditional fishing vessels (‘τράτες’) of Cyprus