The project concerns the creation of an innovative EU curriculum of a professional and specialist figure of ‘Archaeologist Technologist’ who can deal with diagnostic mapping, research, valorization and publishing for the safeguard of Cultural Heritage at risk, specifically Archaeological Heritage. EuroTeCH intends, first, to establish a network among academic partners and not academic ones, specifically finalised to open a table of common discussion as a base to project a curriculum and a protocol which can be tested during the 30 months of the project on students chosen by the partners.

The project is developed along four axes:

a) Learning technologies – by promoting the joint development of curricula, courses and materials supported on learning technologies;

b) Collaboration – by promoting the creation of shared knowledge spaces between academia and business companies integrated in the consortium as well as between and with other stakeholders;

c) Mobility – by promoting networking, joint infrastructures and applications for training, and both students, staff and trainers’ mobility between members of the consortium.

d) Dissemination/Publishing of the results for a wider valorization.

The project, therefore, intends to promote an innovative EU Curricular reform specifically planned for Archaeo-Technologists/ Archaeologist-Technologist, as well as figures interested in publishing Archaeological subjects, as well as for Technicians and Archaeologists interested in projects of ‘sustainable valorization of Archaeological sites’. The Cyprus Institute is one of the main partner.

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