Press Releases for Andreas Pittas Characterization Laboratories

13/6/19  Colloquium: The 1st Millennium BCE Cypriot Syllabic Script - Current Studies and Research Perspectives

Dr.Andreas Pittas interview in Kathimerini newspaper for STARC

5/6/19  Colloquium: Some Fresh Thoughts and Data on Domentikos Theotokopoulos

16/5/19 Colloquium: The Political Geography of a Mycenaean District - Recent Archaeological Survey and Excavations at the Northeastern Kopais

STARC Team Participates in 3D Documentation and Analysis of the Architectural History of the “Room of the Last Supper” at the Cenacle in Jerusalem

09/05/19 Colloquium: Aspects of Cypriot Archaeology Today - Tradition, Innovation and Homeric Flavour

02/05/19 Colloquium: 'A Taste of Hard Work': Developing Methodologies to Track Occupational Pollution in Past Societies

05/04/19 Colloquium: Architectural Indicators: the Horizon of Place Memory

28/02/19  Colloquium: Athenian Vase Painting revisited: Black and Red Figure Techniques Through Analysis and Full-Scale Reproduction

30/01/19  Colloquium: Capidava, the Northern Frontier and the Archaeology of the Annona Militaris Within the Quaestura Iustiniana Exercitus- and - New Directions in the Archaeological Research in Istros / Histria

17/01/19  Colloquium: Art or Science? Interconnections Between Painting Technology, Alchemy and the Chemical Arts During the Greek-Roman Period

Establishment of the Cyprus Dendrochnonology Laboratory (CDL)

2018 Enrico Fermi Lecture by Prof. Antonio Sgamellotti

Dr.Thilo Rehren talks about A.G. Leventis Chair in Archaeological Sciences (Kathimerini)

"AGIOS SPYRIDON" digital documentation

19/09/18   Ceremony for Establishment of A.G. Leventis Chair in Archaeological Sciences

19/09/18   Public Lecture: Superpowered Archaeology - Archaeological Questions and Scientific Revelations

27/09/18   Lecture on Molecular Sciences and Cultural Heritage by Antonio Sgamelloti

05/09/18  Andreas Pittas Characterization Laboratories at the 5th E-RIHS PP interim meeting

26/04/18   Lecture on El Greco by Prof. Fernando Marias and visit to APAC Labs/ STARC

12/04/18   Inauguration Ceremony of the Andreas Pittas Characterization Laboratories