Sorin Hermon

Dr.Sorin Hermon

Associate Professor in Digital Cultural Heritage

Dr. Sorin leads the Digital Cultural Heritage research group at STARC, The Cyprus Institute (CyI), which focuses its scientific activities on two convergent fields: 3D approaches to the study of the past and big data for knowledge repositories. He is director of STARLAB, a mobile laboratory for Heritage Science, including instrumentation for non-invasive chemical-physical measurements, 3D documentation, technical imaging and remote sensing. The mobile lab provides scientific expertise to archaeological excavations in Cyprus and the region, art museums and heritage collections. A most recent achievement is the inclusion of STARLAB and its related scientific activities into E-RIHS, the European Research Infrastructure on Heritage Science, where CyI fulfill the role of a regional hub for the infrastructure. Sorin is a member of the Steering Committee of E-RIHS PP, the Preparatory Phase of E-RIHS.

Within this context, Sorin’s research focuses on developing workflows for art characterization based on the integration of non-invasive and non-destructive chemical – physical analyses with technical imaging and 3D surface documentation for answering specific art history questions and the consequent development of STARLAB’s relevant instrumentation capacities for research and innovation.
Sorin obtained competitive grants from various EU programs, most recent ones being EMAP, ARIADNE, E-RIHS PP and GRAVITATE. Sorin is author of one book, editor of several books and peer-reviewed conference proceedings and author of more than 60 scientific papers. He is currently supervising three PhD students and is regularly teaching courses in the Science and Technology in Archaeology doctoral program of the Cyprus Institute.