3rd Workshop of Mediterranean Palimpsests

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3rd Workshop of Mediterranean Palimpsests

The third and final workshop of Mediterranean Palimpsests will take place in Thessaloniki and Rhodes in January 2020. The concept of Thessaloniki will focus on the artistic and architectural heritage framed by colonial urban planning, nationalist perspectives on art and architecture, reuse, re-claiming urban space through planning, how cultural, ethnic and national identities are represented in art. In Rhodes, the team will work on the concept of colonial attitudes toward “local” arts, colonization and heritage, tourism and the representation of medieval heritage, and historic preservation and politics

Mediterranean Palimpsests focuses on the layered art histories of medieval Mediterranean cities as the basis for scholarly connections that challenge and move beyond the boundaries of modern historiographies, national narratives and contemporary socioeconomic realities. Set in a region where issues of cultural heritage and identity are currently highly contested, the proposed project identifies the key role of art history in explaining the past and understanding its relevance for the present as well as for the future.  Read more about Mediterranean Palimpsests here.