APAC Team in Zadar for graffiti documentation

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APAC Team in Zadar for graffiti documentation

In October (18th-27th) GRAFMEDIA project was in Croatia - Zadar, for graffiti survey and documentation. The city of Zadar was one of the main stop along the Dalmatian coast during the Middle Ages and the Modern period. The present urban structure preserves and harmoniously blends elements and structures of the city flourishing past. Across the centuries the town was a lively port, hosting travellers, merchants and pilgrims along the sea route connecting Venice to the East. Tangible traces of cultural exchanges can be found in works of arts and monuments that enrich the city, as well as in the graffiti preserved in the principal churches of Zadar. The GRAFMEDIA survey discovered and documented graffiti in the church of Saint Donatus, the cathedral of Saint Anastasia, Saint Chrysogonus and Saint Mary. They attest the passage of travellers and the devotion of pilgrims, as well as of locals, and their attitude toward the buildings. The survey and documentation contribute to shared light on the presence and value of graffiti to enhance our knowledge about the city monuments and the past people living or passing by this unique city.