Raphael Moreu Interview

Raphael Moreau

Ph.D. Candidate / Graduate Research Assistant

Can you tell us few words about your academic background?

I completed a Bachelor Degree in Physics and Chemistry, and a Master Degree in Analytical Chemistry, both at the University of Nantes, in the west of France. During the internship I realized within different French laboratories I had the chance to work on various cultural heritage projects that contributed to build my interest toward this exciting field that is the Cultural Heritage scientific study.

What about your research at the Cyprus Institute and STARC?

My research at the STARC is centred on the development of a multi-sensor scanner combining various spectroscopic technics such as MA-XRF, FORS and PL, dedicated to the study of cultural heritage materials. The treatment of the large dataset gathered with such an instrument implies the use of various treatment methods from the field of Data Mining and Machine Learning. The adaption of such methods to the specificities of cultural heritage dataset is also part of my research within the STARC.

Do you think the advanced technological and scientific framework of CyI and STARC has enriched your research?

Having the chance to work in close contact with people coming from different background has definitely enriched my research experience, especially for someone like me who came from the physic and chemistry field. The point of view of researchers coming from the humanities, the biology or the digital is super interesting and has definitely enhance my questioning and my approach towards various Cultural Heritage questions.