APAC Researcher Valentina Vassalo at the Open Science Fair conference

Last 21th September 2021, Valentina Vassallo was invited to present her research at the workshop ‘Speaking FAIR Implementation: moving from recommendations to supporting practical implementation by service providers’ within the Open Science Fair conference. The session, organised by NI4OS-Europe and FAIRsFAIR projects, brought together a group of experts to speak about best practices for FAIR implementation related to metadata and ontologies.


Virtual Kick-Off Meeting for the 4CH Project

On the 9th of February 2021, Cyi starc researcers partcipated in the virtual kick-off meeting of 4CH project as partners. The project aims to set up the methodological, procedural, and organizational framework of a Competence Centre able to seamlessly work with a network of national, regional, and local Cultural Institutions, providing them with advice, support, and services focused on the preservation and conservation of historical monuments and sites.

Kick Off Meeting for the EU “SIGNIFICANCE” Project on Prevention of Illicit Trafficking of Cultural Goods


On the 27th of January 2021, CyI’s STARC/APAC, in collaboration with the Università Politecnica delle Marche (Italy) and Hypertech S.A. (Greece), organized the kick off meeting for the EU Stop Illicit Heritage Trafficking with Artificial Intelligence (SIGNIFICANCE) Project.

APAC at the 'The Digital Laboratory: management and aggregation of scientific archaeological and heritage data' online workshop by ARIADNE Plus

APAC Researchers presented at the virtual Scientific Data Workshop of ARIADNE Plus 'Digital Laboratory: Management and Aggregation of Scientific Archaeological and Heritage Data' a talk about ' The Cyprus Institute scientific data'. The presentation described the sort of scientific data the Cyprus Institute produces, using small terracotta statuettes as an example. The metadata was covered in detail with CYI's proposed approach which includes 3D visualisation to integrate all multi-disciplinary Apac data.

Webinar: Raphael and His Workshop: The “Digital” Loggia of Cupid and Psyche in the Villa Farnesina


Brief addresses will be offered by H.E. Dr Andrea Cavallari, Ambassador of Italy in Cyprus and Mrs Loukia Loizou Hadjigavriel, Director of the A. G. Leventis Gallery.
Dr Nikolas Bakirtzis, Associate Professor at The Cyprus Institute and Director of the Andreas Pittas Art Characterization Laboratories will offer a brief response to the presentation and will coordinate the following discussion.

Enrico Fermi Lecture Series – Webinar Back Home. How Global Crisis Will Change the Places Where we Live


The unprecedented impact of COVID-19 pandemic on our social and economic life is bringing into a new light the way we are managing the environment where we spend our daily life. How can we redesign our communities to be more resilient in front of such shocks? How can we mitigate the even more dramatic and long-lasting impact of the climate and resource crisis? Which are the lessons we can learn from the past?

The 2020 Hubert Curien Memorial Lecture: Artificial Intelligence: Success, Limits, Myths and Threats

Artificial Intelligence is about to have a dramatic impact on many sectors of human activity. In the last ten years, thanks to the development of machine learning in “deep networks”, we have experienced spectacular breakthroughs in diverse applications such as automatic interpretation of images, speech recognition, consumer profiling, or playing the games Go and chess.